Hello and Welcome

It is a new year and this means that it is time for a new project! I decided to start this blog and I will try to put a new post on here roughly every two weeks.

The motivation to do this comes from two recent events and one long-standing idea. I always wanted to share more about what I do and how I do it, but for a variety of reasons, this never took off. But then, two things happened. First I got explicit feedback in my yearly peer evaluation from my team, that I should write down how I manage to be a manager while keeping my technical abilities. Despite this being a really nice piece of feedback, it reignited my desire to start writing more. The tipping point, though, came after I watched several videos by YouTuber Ali Abdaal. He somehow inspired me to finally do instead of thinking about it. Most probably my output will be much lower than his two videos per week, but I also do not plan to make a living of this.

What You Will Find Here

The posts on this blog will be mainly about the non-technical aspects in the lifes of software developers and their engineering managers. There will be more technical blog posts as well, but I plan to keep those rather unspecific. If you want to learn more about programming languages, frameworks and what is hip nowadays, feel free to skim through the thousands of free resources out there and find the ones which are relevant to your specific situation.

I assume that the main target audience will be aspiring software developers who might consider a managerial role or who want to improve their leadership capabilities, and engineering managers who manage a software development team. If you do not fall into either of these categories but you still find the content helpful, even better! Let me know, just drop me a message on Twitter or on Instagram!